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Face Your Obstacles

Pastor Steve Terry shares that to get where God wants us, we need to overcome obstacles.  Pastor Terry illustrates how obstacles keeps us from seeing things like God does from I Samuel 17.  He shared on several reason why we can face the obstacles: The battle belongs to the Lord, Walk with Truth, and God has already won.  Who you are on the other side of the obstacle is who God needs you to be therefore the Obstacle MUST fall!



Power of Innocence

Pastor Bill McKee preaches on the choices we make to break our innocence from Genesis 3:7 and Matthew 10:16. Pastor encourages us to protect and rejoice in our innocence and shares on several benefits of retaining our innocence.  What are the things you are doing that are breaking your innocence?


Great Fear

Pastor Bill McKee continues "The History of Christian Origins" series with a message from Acts 4:32-5:11.  Pastor teaches that the church in history reveals these benefits: Unity, Sharing, and Fear.  Be challenged that if the Holy Spirit rolled back the curtain in your life, would there be anything hidden behind it?