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Learn of/from Me - Part 3

With a message that lines up with our 2016 action theme "Change Eternity", Pastor Bill McKee continues his study on "Learn of/from Me" from John 1:35-42.  Pastor shares on these four manners that man can come to Jesus: By following someone else, On the invitation of a follower, At His invitation, and Through the testimony of a follower.  Learn that only in KNOWING Jesus will you get into heaven.

The Church Goes Through Change

Pastor Bill McKee teaches that God uses a single incident to change HIs people from Acts 11:1-18.  Pastor examines three aspects that led the church to grow through change.  What does God want to do with you?


iResolve: To Become New

Welcome to Bedford First Assembly of God Podcast.  Pastor Steve Terry preaches on a deeper level of resolve seen from Nicodemus in John 3:1-8.  Pastor shares on two important things about Nicodemus' resolve: 1) When Nicodemus approached Jesus said something - 'AT NIGHT' and 2) How Nicodemus addressed Jesus revealed something "Rabbi, we know you are a teacher....".  Pastor concludes that for lasting change we must be transformed.