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Matthew 1:18-21

Pastor Bill McKee preaches on these four key attributes of Jesus:  Humility, Compassion, Forgiving, and Exhalted.  We are reminded that we need Jesus - no one will care for as much.


Learn of/from Me - Part 26

This week, Pastor Bill McKee preaches on Jesus laying out His heart with His disciples in John 14:1-14.  As Christians, we are invited to have a sit in the room as Jesus expresses his true identity: the Son of God.  Pastor shares three aspects of the nature of Jesus: Comforting Jesus, One with the Father, and Empowering Jesus.  The challenge is the opportunity before the truth before us.


Embrace The Cause - Part 2

Pastor Bill McKee continues the message on the 2014 theme from John 21:15-17.  Pastor challenges us to view the lost in a different way - with proper motivation to lead the lost to Christ.  He gives the following other motivations to embrace the cause: Love that we have received from Him, Clothe yourself with compassion, and Because of mercy.  Is the Love of God moving in your life?  Be Christ-like Christians that have the time for the hurt and lost.