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The Naturalness of Giving

Pastor Bill McKee continues his series on Giving with a message about the God given state of Giving from Matthew 10:8 and Psalms 37:21.  Pastor instructs us that God doesn't want you to give anything that you haven't already received and addresses several Natures of Giving.  Pastor concludes that if true conversion has taken place, there will be Giving!


The Gospel Comes to the Gentiles - Part 3

Pastor Bill McKee finishes the final portion of his series entitled "The Gospel Comes to the Gentiles" in Acts 10:1-48.  The passage leads us to the final salvation of the household of Cornelius.  Learn that God is preparing and drawing us to His kingdom, but we must be humble and available to God.  God can do whatever whenever He wants, but He gives believers a choice.  Are you willing to be used of God?



What’s Next?

Welcome to Bedford First Assembly of God Podcast.  This week Pastor Bill McKee shares on what happened next after Saul's conversion from Acts 9:19-31.  Pastor McKee examines these four results from the passage: Preparation, Proclamation, Power, and Peace.  Learn how to maximize your new life's journey through Saul's life.