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I Corinthians 10

Pastor Bill McKee focuses on these three decriptive words from I Corinthians 10-11: Participation - in broken body of Jesus or idoltry, Proclamation - of what the Lord has done in my life or my priorities all that I think is more important, and Perception - decide to separate holy/unholy.  


Cruxification of Jesus

Pastor tugs on a thread of scriptural history in John 19:17-37 to uncover an incredible truth through the lense of the Passover. Pastor examines Exodus 11-12 to tie the Passover and God's protection to understand the relevance of Jesus' death.


Mark 15:33-41

Welcome to Bedford First Assembly of God Podcast!  This week, Pastor Bill McKee shares on the death of Jesus from Mark 15:33-41.  Pastor examines several causes of Jesus' desolation of His sacrifice and presents these life lessons from the passage: Jesus Paid It All and All to Him I Owe.  Be reminded that your salvation is made complete in Him and that He is looking for us to be living sacrifices for Him.