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I Corinthians 6:1-11

Pastor Bill McKee shares on how Christians should deal with disputes from I Corinthians 6:1-11.  Where is the sign of the cross; the difference with disputes between Christians and the world?  Do not be deceived...He has set us free!


I Corinthians 5

Pastor Bill McKee preaches on several points on how Paul dealt with immorality in the church from I Corinthians 5.  Learn this lesson in modern church not to accept sin in our lives or the church.


Be A Miracle - Part 2

Pastor Bill McKee continues his message on "Be A Miracle" with Moses being a reluctant miracle from Hebrews 11:23 and Exodus 3-7.  See that God prepared Moses in advance to step into someone's life, calling him to impossible tasks.  Learn about the challenges of "What if" questioning and how God will still use what He put in our lives.  We are reminded that God will make you successful like Moses so you can make a kingdom difference.