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Everything Made New

Pastor Bill McKee concludes the study on end times with a focus on everything being made new from Revelation 21.  Pastor examines God's heart as we come full circle back to Him.


to the Ends of the Earth

Pastor Bill McKee continues "The History of Christian Origins" series from Acts 11:19-30.  Pastor McKee shares on these three important lessons from this passage on how the church spread: Scattered but not Shattered, The Church at Jerusalem Dispatches Encouragement, and The "Christians" became Givers.  What kind of Christians are we in the face of Adversity?


Independence Day - Part 2

Pastor Bill McKee examines the final and complete liberation of planet Earth and the disposition of all its inhabitants from Revelations 20:7-21:1.  Listen as Pastor preaches on the last rebellion, judgment day, and ultimate independence.  Where do you stand...upon your life's works or simply run to Jesus?