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The Power of The Tongue

Pastor Bill McKee teaches about one of man's most capable attributes from James 3:1-12.  Pastor shares on key characteristics of the tongue.  Be reminded that the purpose of the tongue to say words of encouragement to change lives around you.


Power of Innocence

Pastor Bill McKee preaches on the choices we make to break our innocence from Genesis 3:7 and Matthew 10:16. Pastor encourages us to protect and rejoice in our innocence and shares on several benefits of retaining our innocence.  What are the things you are doing that are breaking your innocence?


to the Ends of the Earth

Pastor Bill McKee continues "The History of Christian Origins" series from Acts 11:19-30.  Pastor McKee shares on these three important lessons from this passage on how the church spread: Scattered but not Shattered, The Church at Jerusalem Dispatches Encouragement, and The "Christians" became Givers.  What kind of Christians are we in the face of Adversity?