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Dangerous Faith

Bedford First Assembly of God welcomes back Pastor Chris Stubbs.  Pastor Stubbs preaches about living a dangerous life for Jesus from I Samuel 13-14.  Learn how God uses a dangerous situation with a dangerous enemy to give His people victory.  You must lead with character, give God your heart and soul, and be armorbearers to live with dangerous faith.  When is the last time you have had dangerous faith?


John 20

Pastor Bill McKee shareson Jesus' resurrection and living a believer's life from John 20.  Pastor presents four main reasons why people do not believe and the traps that man fall in.  Will you let belief in God overtake fear and doubt?  Don't let your wavering doubt to become disbelief.


Songs of The Season - Part 1

Pastor Bill McKee examines Christmas songs starting with "O Come All Ye Faithful" hymn from Matthew 2:1-12.  See how God ordered the star to shine at the right moment for us to find Him.  Learn that God is calling us to worship Him - find you place!


1 Thessalonians 1

Pastor Bill McKee preaches on our work produced by faith and labor prompted by love in I Thessalonians 1.  Pastor shares on three things from Paul on the body of Christ serve out of faith and relationship with each other.


Hear and Do: Faith in Action

This week, Pastor Steve Terry teaches from James 1:21-25 on the things we should do but don't do.  Pastor covers the danger of hearing only, result of hearing only, and result of hearing and doing.  The choice of hearing and doing starts with you, who is ready to let this change you?


Children Grow Best in The Dark

Pastor Bill McKee uses a parallel of physical growth during sleep as he continues the "Learn of/from Me" series from John 11:1-44.  Pastor describes three portions of faith: Reality of Faith, Expectation of Faith, and Power of Faith.  Learn to trust Him in the dark as He has a bigger plan.


Super Bowl of Faith

Pastor Bill McKee preaches on the greatest Super Bowl that we will face in this world - the competition for your souls.  Pastor encourages us in the moments on the field of live to: Get behind the coach (Jesus) and Press on to take hold of the prize of heaven.  Who will you choose this day/hour to serve?


Be A Person of Faith

Pastor Bill McKee shares on the greatest opportunity of being a miracle - be a person of faith.  Pastor presents several aspects of faith through the story of Abraham.  Pastor challenges us that there is a faith bigger than all of your requests.  Will the Lord find faith in you?


Be A Miracle

Welcome to Bedford First Assembly of God Podcast.  Pastor Bill McKee begins with this year's action theme "Be A Miracle" focusing on the story of David & Goliath from I Samuel 17:1-33.  Pastor illustrates how David allowed himself to be the miracle through God providing the miraculous deliverance of Israel and meeting an impossible need.  Be charged with looking for opportunities to "be a miracle" in someone's life.



Pastor Bill McKee continues "Life Lessons from Mark" series with a message on Worship from Mark 14:1-11.  Pastor McKee shares these characteristics that worship requires: Recognition, Sacrifice, and Remembered.  Be encouraged to further your worship before the Lord.