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Being in the Middle of a Move of God

Pastor Steve Terry studies five realizations from Matthew 4:18-20 that could allow us to be in the move of God.  Learn that Jesus comes to where we are and finds us where we are at, but it requires our part.  What holds us back from the move of God. The move of God starts with you!  Leave you nets!


Matthew 4:18-22

Pastor Bill McKee encourages us this new year together by framing our next decision in life's journey from Matthew 4:18-22.  Pastor shares these three areas in life that we control: first step, next step, and last step.  Be reminded that you will never go wrong in following Jesus.


The History of Christian Origins: Acts 8:9-25

Pastor Bill McKee continues "The History of Christian Origins" series with a story about a magic man, a deacon, and two fishermen from Acts 8:9-25.  We are reminded that a believer's best days are ahead of them.  We are challenged to examine our own beliefs and pursuits through Simon's life.  Is your heart right before God?