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I Corinthians 1

Pastor Bill begins a new series in I Corinthians to learn from the first century church on how to be a 21st century full gospel church.  Pastor preaches from chapter 1 on three ways to live in God's fulness for the church in Christ.


The Power to Grow & Learn

Pastor Bill McKee takes a closer look at the power to grow and learn that God gave us to fulfill His purpose in Luke 2:39-52.  Pastor covers several statements on this power: Growth comes from God, Growth in Knowledge comes by Effort, and Spiritual Growth come from Relationship.  Are you willing to grow & learn and let God fulfill your purpose?


Why A Triumphant Entry?

Pastor Bill McKee preaches about Jesus' triumphant entry from Matthew 21:1-11.  Pastor provides three reasons explaining why the Triumphant Entry was significant: to Fulfill Scripture, to Signal the Triumph of the Cross, and to Signify His Entrance into the Hearts of Men.  Why was there a triumphant entry?  FOR YOU!!