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John 15:1-8

Pastor Bill McKee preaches on Jesus' unique imagery of gardening by applying it to the relationship between Himself and His disciples.  Pastor Lord is pruning us so we rely on Him; not on our own ability.  We bare the best fruit when we are totally dependent on the vine.  The application: there are dead parts in our lives therefore things need to change in our lives so that we will remain in the Lord.  Are you connected to the vine?

Dynamic Decision

Leading up to the holiday season, Pastor Bill McKee began a new series "The Blessings of Incarnation" centered on God becoming man through Jesus.  This week, Pastor shares on what God's plan is for man from Luke 2:11-14.  Learn that we can not be good enough to go to heaven...we need Jesus.


Healthy Things Grow

Pastor Steve Terry preaches on growing in Christ from Ephesians 4:11-16.  Pastor illustrates that we are the body of Christ enabled by God and expected to grow.  In our growth, we will make an impact as part of the body and serve in the growth of the church body.  Are you growing....healthy?