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to the Ends of the Earth

Pastor Bill McKee continues "The History of Christian Origins" series from Acts 11:19-30.  Pastor McKee shares on these three important lessons from this passage on how the church spread: Scattered but not Shattered, The Church at Jerusalem Dispatches Encouragement, and The "Christians" became Givers.  What kind of Christians are we in the face of Adversity?


The Gospel Comes to the Gentiles - Part 3

Pastor Bill McKee finishes the final portion of his series entitled "The Gospel Comes to the Gentiles" in Acts 10:1-48.  The passage leads us to the final salvation of the household of Cornelius.  Learn that God is preparing and drawing us to His kingdom, but we must be humble and available to God.  God can do whatever whenever He wants, but He gives believers a choice.  Are you willing to be used of God?



God Prepares Those Who Are His

Pastor Bill McKee continues part 2 of his series entitled "The Gospel Comes to the Gentiles" in Acts 10:1-48.  Pastor McKee shares on these three steps of preparedness: God Uses the Natural to teach the Supernatural, The Vision becomes a Reality, and God Calls His Servant to something more.  Are you listening?