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Learn of/from Me - Part 17

Pastor Bill McKee preaches from John 6:1-15 on Jesus feeding the 5,000 looking past the perceived need to meet the real need.  Pastor answers three questions surrounding Jesus feeding the 5,000 men on the mountainside.  The intended purpose was compassion for His disciplines and all of us.  Jesus will take hold of the natural to teach about the supernatural so let Jesus be the substance of your life, the bread of life.


Acts 4:5-22

In keeping with the 2014 theme "Embrace The Cause", Pastor Bill McKee preaches from Acts 4:5-22 on mirroring the actions of Jesus and His apostle that bring the hope of the gospel to the lost.  Learn several lessons from the passage: The WHO of salvation is in the name of Jesus and God will give us power when we are filled with the Holy Spirit.  Give God glory by being a witness for Jesus.