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Revelations 1

Pastor Bill McKee begins the first chapter of Revelations by examining God wanting to be our healer for our eternal body.  Learn that He has given us everything, walks with you, and is just what we need.  Be watchful as He is coming back!


Improving Your Aim

Pastor Bill McKee points dads on truth you can aim at starting in Philippians 3:12. Pastor gives these three targets to aim for: Love, Maturity, and Heaven.  Unless you are aiming at something you will not hit it.  What are you targeting at today?


Songs of the Season - Emmanuel

Pastor Bill McKee continues his series with a look at the song "Emmanuel".  "Emmanuel" is a petition/prayer as a call to the Lord for His return.  Learn that's the call for us is to know Him as the Lord of Might, the Rod of Jesse, and that He holds the keys to Heaven.


Heaven Has A Plan For You

Guest Pastor Chris Martin preaches on building your house using God's plans from John 10:10.  Pastor challenges us to trust God enough to abandon our plans for His plans.  Pastor shares these three hindrances in our lives towards growing and being built into the person that God wants us to be: Time, Perception, and Achievement.  God wants more than anything to build you into the men and women of God.

Learn of/from Me - Part 3

With a message that lines up with our 2016 action theme "Change Eternity", Pastor Bill McKee continues his study on "Learn of/from Me" from John 1:35-42.  Pastor shares on these four manners that man can come to Jesus: By following someone else, On the invitation of a follower, At His invitation, and Through the testimony of a follower.  Learn that only in KNOWING Jesus will you get into heaven.

Everything Made New

Pastor Bill McKee concludes the study on end times with a focus on everything being made new from Revelation 21.  Pastor examines God's heart as we come full circle back to Him.


The Time of Tribulation

Pastor Bill McKee preaches his 3rd installment of the "What will be the Sign of your Coming and the End of the Age?" series.  Pastor turns our attention to scenes from the great tribulation out of Matthew 24:15-22 and Revelation.  We are reminded that while judgment is being poured out, His chosen will be in heaven.


Dynamic Decision

Leading up to the holiday season, Pastor Bill McKee began a new series "The Blessings of Incarnation" centered on God becoming man through Jesus.  This week, Pastor shares on what God's plan is for man from Luke 2:11-14.  Learn that we can not be good enough to go to heaven...we need Jesus.



Pastor Bill McKee continues "Life Lessons from Mark" series with a message on Worship from Mark 14:1-11.  Pastor McKee shares these characteristics that worship requires: Recognition, Sacrifice, and Remembered.  Be encouraged to further your worship before the Lord.

The Saddest Picture in The New Testament

The saddest picture in the new testament is a picture of the lost. Pastor Bill McKee takes Luke 16:19-31, the story of the Rich man and Lazarus, and uses it to paint a picture of the reality of heaven and hell. We invite you to open up the bible, grab some pieces of paper and a pen, and sit down with Pastor Bill McKee as we spend another powerful morning in God's word. We pray this message will bless you and will help provide revelation to your life and your relationship with God. God bless!