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Indescribable Gift

Guest Pastor David Wigington preaches on the greatest gift of all from II Corinthians 9:15.  Learn about the indescribable gift of Jesus that is wrapped in prophesy and history.  Embrace this indescribable gift sent by God to save us.


Cruxification of Jesus

Pastor tugs on a thread of scriptural history in John 19:17-37 to uncover an incredible truth through the lense of the Passover. Pastor examines Exodus 11-12 to tie the Passover and God's protection to understand the relevance of Jesus' death.


The History of Christian Origins - Part 2

Welcome to Bedford First Assembly of God Podcast!  Pastor Bill McKee continues his study on "The history of Christian Origins" from Acts 1:12-26.  Pastor brings forth three things that transitions call from us: To acknowledge the past, To embrace the future, and To deal with the present.  Through prayer, God gave clear direction during transition allowing them to experience His hope and joy.  Let God work in your lives the same way.