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Learn of/from Me - Part 25

Pastor Bill McKee shares from John 13:1-38 on Jesus portrayal.  Pastor shows the two groups that Jesus ministered including the inner circle: Peter, James, and John.  Pastor reminds us to never forget who is in charge!  Only truths are reserved for those that follow Him.  How will they know that we have been sent...His Love!


Hear and Do: Faith in Action

This week, Pastor Steve Terry teaches from James 1:21-25 on the things we should do but don't do.  Pastor covers the danger of hearing only, result of hearing only, and result of hearing and doing.  The choice of hearing and doing starts with you, who is ready to let this change you?


Acts 12:1-19

Welcome to Bedford First Assembly of God Podcast.  This week Pastor Bill McKee shares on Peter's prison deliverance from Acts 12:1-19 in continuation of "The History of Christian Origins" series.  Pastor examines these different participant's perspectives: Herod, Peter, the Church, and God.  Are you able to rest like Peter trusting that the Lord knows what you are going through?