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Matthew 4:18-22

Pastor Bill McKee encourages us this new year together by framing our next decision in life's journey from Matthew 4:18-22.  Pastor shares these three areas in life that we control: first step, next step, and last step.  Be reminded that you will never go wrong in following Jesus.


What’s Next?

Welcome to Bedford First Assembly of God Podcast.  This week Pastor Bill McKee shares on what happened next after Saul's conversion from Acts 9:19-31.  Pastor McKee examines these four results from the passage: Preparation, Proclamation, Power, and Peace.  Learn how to maximize your new life's journey through Saul's life.


Coming Home

Pastor Bill McKee preaches on David's return trip to God from Psalms 51.  Pastor shares on David's sin with Bathsheba in II Samuel 11:1-12:19.  Learn about several lessons from David coming back to God.  If you have been separated from God, take the journey to come home to God.