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Judgment Day

Welcome to Bedford First Assembly of God Podcast.  Pastor Bill McKee continues "What will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age?" series with a message on the Judgment Day.  Pastor reveals characteristics of the Believer's judgement in Revelation 20.  Today is the day to get your life right so you don't approach the judgment day alone.


The Time of Tribulation

Pastor Bill McKee preaches his 3rd installment of the "What will be the Sign of your Coming and the End of the Age?" series.  Pastor turns our attention to scenes from the great tribulation out of Matthew 24:15-22 and Revelation.  We are reminded that while judgment is being poured out, His chosen will be in heaven.


Independence Day - Part 2

Pastor Bill McKee examines the final and complete liberation of planet Earth and the disposition of all its inhabitants from Revelations 20:7-21:1.  Listen as Pastor preaches on the last rebellion, judgment day, and ultimate independence.  Where do you stand...upon your life's works or simply run to Jesus?