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Learn of/from Me - Part 25

Pastor Bill McKee shares from John 13:1-38 on Jesus portrayal.  Pastor shows the two groups that Jesus ministered including the inner circle: Peter, James, and John.  Pastor reminds us to never forget who is in charge!  Only truths are reserved for those that follow Him.  How will they know that we have been sent...His Love!


Learn of/from Me - Part 3

With a message that lines up with our 2016 action theme "Change Eternity", Pastor Bill McKee continues his study on "Learn of/from Me" from John 1:35-42.  Pastor shares on these four manners that man can come to Jesus: By following someone else, On the invitation of a follower, At His invitation, and Through the testimony of a follower.  Learn that only in KNOWING Jesus will you get into heaven.

How do you know Him?

Pastor Steve Terry examines two people that knew Jesus in different ways from Luke 7:36-28.  Pastor shares on these two ways we know Jesus: Know about Him - knowledge and Know Him well - intimacy.  When we really know Him we can't help, but to live different.  Which character do you relate to the most that reflects how you know Him?