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II Corinthians 2:5-11

Pastor Bill McKee shares from the heart of the apostle Paul about forgiveness.  Pastor teaches these steps to forgiveness that doesn't require asking others: Let it go, Forgive, Comfort, and He will forgive us.  When we operate in unity and forgiveness, we will experience the liberty!


Luke 22

This week, Bedford First Assembly of God is celebrating our 75th year servicing God in Bedford, Join us during communion as Pastor Bill McKee shares from Luke 22 on the Last Supper.  Pastor examines the Passover celebration and Jesus' connection between what he was about to do and what had been done to liberate His people in Psalms 113 and 114.  Learn that God is the God that changes the unchangeable.


Independence Day - Part 2

Pastor Bill McKee examines the final and complete liberation of planet Earth and the disposition of all its inhabitants from Revelations 20:7-21:1.  Listen as Pastor preaches on the last rebellion, judgment day, and ultimate independence.  Where do you stand...upon your life's works or simply run to Jesus?