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John 15:1-8

Pastor Bill McKee preaches on Jesus' unique imagery of gardening by applying it to the relationship between Himself and His disciples.  Pastor Lord is pruning us so we rely on Him; not on our own ability.  We bare the best fruit when we are totally dependent on the vine.  The application: there are dead parts in our lives therefore things need to change in our lives so that we will remain in the Lord.  Are you connected to the vine?

Luke 10:2

Pastor Bill McKee preaches on the laborers and the lost in Luke 10:2.  Pastor expounds on these two points from Jesus: the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few.  We are reminded to pray for the Lord of the harvest as there are people who need Jesus.


Embrace The Cause

Welcome to Bedford First Assembly of God Podcast!  Pastor Bill McKee begins the new year with a message on embracing the cause of the lost state of man from Revelations 20:11-15.  Pastor challenges us to become impassioned over the lost who are hurting without Christ that need your words of hope, love, and the Truth.