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Keep Calm & Turn to God

Pastor Steve Terry shares on David's song from Psalms 40:1-5 about the importance of getting God's help when in a situation.  Pastor highlights three characteristics about God you can turn to.  Where is your worship at?  Remember that fresh worship flows out of new mercies.


Learn of/from Me - Part 20

Pastor Bill McKee shares on God's mercy from John 8:1-11.  Pastor divides the passage into four slices focusing on "Caught in the Act" - why we need His mercy.  Listen and discover that Jesus calls us to sin no more, but God's mercy still reigns.


Coming Home

Pastor Bill McKee preaches on David's return trip to God from Psalms 51.  Pastor shares on David's sin with Bathsheba in II Samuel 11:1-12:19.  Learn about several lessons from David coming back to God.  If you have been separated from God, take the journey to come home to God.