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John 18:15-27

Pastor Bill McKee concentrates on the 'why' of Peter's denial in John 18:15-27.  Listen as pastor examines four lessons about our limitations through Peter's denial of Jesus.  Are you reckoning with your limits?


Learn of/from Me - Part 25

Pastor Bill McKee shares from John 13:1-38 on Jesus portrayal.  Pastor shows the two groups that Jesus ministered including the inner circle: Peter, James, and John.  Pastor reminds us to never forget who is in charge!  Only truths are reserved for those that follow Him.  How will they know that we have been sent...His Love!


Mark 14:27-31

Join Pastor Bill McKee as he continues the journey through the book of Mark in the "Life Lessons From Mark" series.  From our text in Mark 14:27-31, Pastor asks the challenging question, "Do you know yourself?".  He provides these three Life Lessons from the passage: 1) The will of God will be done! 2) Jesus always tells those who are His where He is going! and 3)The Truth: Jesus knows us better than we know yourselves!