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Songs of the Season - Emmanuel

Pastor Bill McKee continues his series with a look at the song "Emmanuel".  "Emmanuel" is a petition/prayer as a call to the Lord for His return.  Learn that's the call for us is to know Him as the Lord of Might, the Rod of Jesse, and that He holds the keys to Heaven.


John 17

Pastor Bill McKee shares on Jesus' four petitions of prayer in John 17.  Jesus wants us to have oneness with each other as He has with the Father.


Learn of/from Me - Part 9

Pastor Bill McKee shares on the promise, parade, and pessimism of Jesus' triumphant entry from John 12:12-19.  Pastor encourages to praise God in prayer like Jesus for He is worthy.  In heaven, there are no opposer or pessimists only praisers.  Get ready!


The Power of Self-Control

Pastor Bill McKee completes "The Power of Your Life" series preaching on the control of life is in our hands from Titus 2:11-15.  Pastor shares on the power of self-control and how the Holy Spirit enables and empowers us.  Learn that God wants us to take control of our own lives so be alert with self-control.



Pastor Bill McKee continues "Life Lessons from Mark" series with a message on Worship from Mark 14:1-11.  Pastor McKee shares these characteristics that worship requires: Recognition, Sacrifice, and Remembered.  Be encouraged to further your worship before the Lord.

Prayer:Give Us This Day

We hope you enjoy part 4 of a 4-part message series on the Lord's Prayer. This powerful message is sure to challenge you and encourage you.


Prayer:On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Join Pastor Bill McKee and Bedford First Assembly of God for part 3 of a 4-part sermon series on the Lord's Prayer, entitled "On Earth As It Is In Heaven".


Prayer:God’s Purpose Secured

Part 2 of a 4-part series by Pastor Bill McKee on the Lord's Prayer.


Prayer: Singleness of Relationship

Join Pastor Bill McKee and Bedford First Assembly of God as they embark on a 4-part sermon series on PRAYER. We pray you enjoy part 1 of this powerful series, Prayer:Singleness of Relationship.