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I Corinthians 10

Pastor Bill McKee focuses on these three decriptive words from I Corinthians 10-11: Participation - in broken body of Jesus or idoltry, Proclamation - of what the Lord has done in my life or my priorities all that I think is more important, and Perception - decide to separate holy/unholy.  


Learn of/from Me - Part 9

Pastor Bill McKee shares on the promise, parade, and pessimism of Jesus' triumphant entry from John 12:12-19.  Pastor encourages to praise God in prayer like Jesus for He is worthy.  In heaven, there are no opposer or pessimists only praisers.  Get ready!


The History of Christian Origins - Part 7

Pastor Bill McKee outlines the rich heritage and blessings of the church in Acts 3:11-26 in his continuing message on "The History of Christian Origins".  Listen as pastor provides four reasons the church is woven into the fabric of God's plan through the: Rejection of Jesus by Israel, Promises to the patriarchs, Messages of Moses, and Proclamation of the prophets.