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John 18:1

Pastor Bill McKee preaches on Jesus living like "every man" from John 18:1.  Listen as our lives parallel Jesus' when we are called and respond to God.  Question is what are we going to do in the hour of Jesus' return?


What’s Next?

Welcome to Bedford First Assembly of God Podcast.  This week Pastor Bill McKee shares on what happened next after Saul's conversion from Acts 9:19-31.  Pastor McKee examines these four results from the passage: Preparation, Proclamation, Power, and Peace.  Learn how to maximize your new life's journey through Saul's life.


The Church

Welcome to Bedford First Assembly of God Podcast.  Pastor Bill McKee continues his series on "The History of Christian Origins" with a look at how Jesus deals with the Church from Matthew 16:13-20.  Jesus answers these three important questions about the Church: On what foundation is the Church built?, Who will build the Church?, and What will this Church be like?  Pastor challenges all of us with this question, "are you part of the Church?"