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True Fellowship

Join us in Pastor Steve Terry preaching on connect points from Wednesday night message in Acts 2:42-47.  Learn several points to true fellowship in how to connect with God, others, and the world.  We see that people are made for relationship - connecting together in true fellowship.


Revelation 2

Pastor Bill McKee continues his "The Time is Near" series with a focus about the church age.  Pastor examines two of the seven churches: the church of Ephesus and the church in Smyrna.  Be in relationship with the Lord and Savior Jesus.  When we are fighting battles, He will be with us and bring us through the trouble triumphantly.  


1 Thessalonians 1

Pastor Bill McKee preaches on our work produced by faith and labor prompted by love in I Thessalonians 1.  Pastor shares on three things from Paul on the body of Christ serve out of faith and relationship with each other.


Big Needs Bigger God

Pastor Steve Terry preaches about a church in need, but that God is bigger. In Philippians 4:14-20, pastor illustrates from the passage that our God will meet our needs when we give from our needs like the church of Philippi.

John 15:1-8

Pastor Bill McKee preaches on Jesus' unique imagery of gardening by applying it to the relationship between Himself and His disciples.  Pastor Lord is pruning us so we rely on Him; not on our own ability.  We bare the best fruit when we are totally dependent on the vine.  The application: there are dead parts in our lives therefore things need to change in our lives so that we will remain in the Lord.  Are you connected to the vine?

Learn of/from Me - Part 25

Pastor Bill McKee shares from John 13:1-38 on Jesus portrayal.  Pastor shows the two groups that Jesus ministered including the inner circle: Peter, James, and John.  Pastor reminds us to never forget who is in charge!  Only truths are reserved for those that follow Him.  How will they know that we have been sent...His Love!


Learn of/from Me - Part 18

This week, Pastor Bill McKee preaches on Jesus encouraging to work for the food which endures to eternal life from John 6:16-71.  Pastor 
divides this passage into three parts based on the audience and shows us the depth of Jesus' relationship with those around.  Do you believe and know that Jesus is the holy one of God?  He is here and ready.


The Power to Grow & Learn

Pastor Bill McKee takes a closer look at the power to grow and learn that God gave us to fulfill His purpose in Luke 2:39-52.  Pastor covers several statements on this power: Growth comes from God, Growth in Knowledge comes by Effort, and Spiritual Growth come from Relationship.  Are you willing to grow & learn and let God fulfill your purpose?


A Radical Conversion

Pastor Bill McKee continues "The History of Christian Origins" series recounting the radical conversion of Saul of Tarsus to the Apostle Paul in Acts 9:1-19.  Pastor examines these four necessary steps to a real conversion: A Life of Destruction, An Encounter with God, A Willing Believer, and A Life Altering Decision.



Pastor Bill McKee continues "Life Lessons from Mark" series with a message on Worship from Mark 14:1-11.  Pastor McKee shares these characteristics that worship requires: Recognition, Sacrifice, and Remembered.  Be encouraged to further your worship before the Lord.