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I Corinthians 4

Pastor Bill McKee preaches the remaining characteristics that Paul gives on being called of the Lord from I Corinthians 4.  Learn that there is a calling on our lives like our pastor.  Pastor says to follow him as he follows Christ.


Learn of/from Me - Part 23

Pastor Bill McKee investigates these two word pictures of Jesus from John 10:1-21 and who He is to us: I am the Door and I am the good Shepherd.  Pastor concludes with this question: "Do we know our shepherd and His sacrifice?"

Matthew 1:18-2:6

Pastor Bill McKee preaches from Matthew 1:18-2:6 on Jesus' birth.  Pastor shares these reasons why the Jewish people should have known that Jesus was coming: His birth was a fulfillment of 3,000 years of prophesy, His birth was a sign that God was sending a deliverer, and His birth was not a secret.  Learn that God gave fair warning of His coming, but they missed it.  We are reminded to be ready for Jesus' return foretold in the scriptures.