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Psalm 46

Listen as guest speaker Tom Salzer shares a part of his life story relating to Psalm 46.  Mr. Salzer reveals that God's relentless grace pursues us despite our mistakes in our lives.  We are reminded that God's love is more powerful and greater than our own bad choices.


A Radical Conversion

Pastor Bill McKee continues "The History of Christian Origins" series recounting the radical conversion of Saul of Tarsus to the Apostle Paul in Acts 9:1-19.  Pastor examines these four necessary steps to a real conversion: A Life of Destruction, An Encounter with God, A Willing Believer, and A Life Altering Decision.


Message Interrupted

Pastor Bill McKee shares on the story of the start of the martyr's role in Acts 7.  Pastor presents on Steven's six points about God's promises for His believers before being interrupted.  Learn about Steven's incredible vision and God's plan revealed through Steven's selfless prayer.  Are you willing to take on the character of the life of Steven?