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I Corinthians 4

Pastor Bill McKee preaches the remaining characteristics that Paul gives on being called of the Lord from I Corinthians 4.  Learn that there is a calling on our lives like our pastor.  Pastor says to follow him as he follows Christ.


If - John 15:18-27

Pastor Bill McKee preaches on the believer's relationship with the unbelieving world from John 15:18-27.  Pastor provides four profound statements in how we share in His suffering.  Learn that the Holy Spirit testifies about Jesus and that we must testify that He is the savior of mankind.


Let The Suffering Begin

Pastor Bill McKee preaches a sobering message on the suffering of the church from Acts 4:1-4.  Pastor shares these realities: The first church found its identity in suffering, Suffering identifies the church with Christ, Persecution is a way of life for every believer, Suffering brought many to Christ, and Persecution brings salvation.  Be challenged to suffer for the sake of Jesus.