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Revelation 2

Pastor Bill McKee continues his "The Time is Near" series with a focus about the church age.  Pastor examines two of the seven churches: the church of Ephesus and the church in Smyrna.  Be in relationship with the Lord and Savior Jesus.  When we are fighting battles, He will be with us and bring us through the trouble triumphantly.  


Learn of/from Me - Part 9

Pastor Bill McKee shares on the promise, parade, and pessimism of Jesus' triumphant entry from John 12:12-19.  Pastor encourages to praise God in prayer like Jesus for He is worthy.  In heaven, there are no opposer or pessimists only praisers.  Get ready!


Humiliation of the Cross

Pastor Bill McKee preaches on the humiliation of Jesus during His crucifixion from Mark 15:16-32.  Pastor McKee presents seven points of humiliation meant to diminish and lower Jesus that He endured for you and I.  Learn how Jesus Christ turns humility into triumph for us!