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Heaven Has A Plan For You

Guest Pastor Chris Martin preaches on building your house using God's plans from John 10:10.  Pastor challenges us to trust God enough to abandon our plans for His plans.  Pastor shares these three hindrances in our lives towards growing and being built into the person that God wants us to be: Time, Perception, and Achievement.  God wants more than anything to build you into the men and women of God.

Learn of/from Me - Part 5

This week, Pastor Bill McKee continues this series with a message about temples referenced in John 2:12-23.  Pastor examines these three temples: Herrod's Temple, The Temple of His own Body, and The Temple of our Lives.  Can He trust Himself with you?


Choosing Paths

Welcome to Bedford First Assembly of God Podcast.  This week, Pastor Bill McKee preaches a message to those in a work-life transition.  Pastor gives advice from Proverbs 3:5-6 about trusting the Lord as He knows the road ahead for you.  If you give it all to Him, you will find your freedom in Him.