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John 20

Pastor Bill McKee shareson Jesus' resurrection and living a believer's life from John 20.  Pastor presents four main reasons why people do not believe and the traps that man fall in.  Will you let belief in God overtake fear and doubt?  Don't let your wavering doubt to become disbelief.


If - John 15:18-27

Pastor Bill McKee preaches on the believer's relationship with the unbelieving world from John 15:18-27.  Pastor provides four profound statements in how we share in His suffering.  Learn that the Holy Spirit testifies about Jesus and that we must testify that He is the savior of mankind.


Mark 16:1-14

Pastor Bill McKee preaches on Jesus conquering the tomb from Mark 16:1-14.  Learn that Satan had a plan was to preempt the cross, prevent the cross, and prevail at the cross, but all failed when Jesus came out of the tomb.  Pastor examines the following reactions of those who witnessed the resurrection of Jesus Christ: Separation between Jesus and Peter, fearful women, and unbelieving disciples.  Jesus is alive!  Nothing but an encounter with Jesus will we belief of the cross.