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II Corinthians 2:5-11

Pastor Bill McKee shares from the heart of the apostle Paul about forgiveness.  Pastor teaches these steps to forgiveness that doesn't require asking others: Let it go, Forgive, Comfort, and He will forgive us.  When we operate in unity and forgiveness, we will experience the liberty!


I Corinthians 1

Pastor Bill begins a new series in I Corinthians to learn from the first century church on how to be a 21st century full gospel church.  Pastor preaches from chapter 1 on three ways to live in God's fulness for the church in Christ.


Great Fear

Pastor Bill McKee continues "The History of Christian Origins" series with a message from Acts 4:32-5:11.  Pastor teaches that the church in history reveals these benefits: Unity, Sharing, and Fear.  Be challenged that if the Holy Spirit rolled back the curtain in your life, would there be anything hidden behind it?