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God Prepares Those Who Are His

Pastor Bill McKee continues part 2 of his series entitled "The Gospel Comes to the Gentiles" in Acts 10:1-48.  Pastor McKee shares on these three steps of preparedness: God Uses the Natural to teach the Supernatural, The Vision becomes a Reality, and God Calls His Servant to something more.  Are you listening?


God Sees & Hears

Pastor Bill McKee begins a three part series entitled "The Gospel Comes to the Gentiles" in Acts 10:1-48.  Pastor uses Cornelius' story in the Acts 10:1-9 to show how the Gentiles come to know God in the same way as the people of Israel.  Does God have your address so you are able to be used by Him?

Message Interrupted

Pastor Bill McKee shares on the story of the start of the martyr's role in Acts 7.  Pastor presents on Steven's six points about God's promises for His believers before being interrupted.  Learn about Steven's incredible vision and God's plan revealed through Steven's selfless prayer.  Are you willing to take on the character of the life of Steven?