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Testimony of Jesus

Welcome to Bedford First Assembly of God podcast.  On the 75th anniversary of the church, we are blessed to welcome back Pastor Charles Crank after pastor here approximately 50 years ago.  Pastor preaches on the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy from Revelation 19:9.  What is the church going to be in the future?  Let the future of church be the testimony of Jesus!


A Biblical View of Family and Marriage - Part 2

Pastor Bill McKee continues "A Biblical View of Family and Marriage" series with a message on the companion that God made for man in Genesis 2:18-25.  Pastor examines three reasons why God made a woman: as a gift, created as a proper helper suitable for man, and to fulfill the purpose of every man and woman.  We are reminded to take our lead from what God said in His Word not what men and women are saying these days.


The Virgin Birth

In the third message of "The Blessing of the Incarnation" series, Pastor Bill McKee preaches on the greatest blessing of the incarnation, the Christian birth, from Luke 2:1-20.  Pastor teaches on these aspects of the virgin birth from the passage: The Virgin Birth was a necessity because of Adam's sin - God sent a 2nd Adam from above, The Virgin Birth signaled that a Bridge was built between the Holy God and Sinful Man, and The Virgin Birth set the stage for a Spiritual Birth in every Man and Woman who would believe.  Pastor concludes with this final thought that God became man to bring salvation by the Holy Spirit and by the same Holy Spirit man is reborn to be a man of God.