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What We Believe - Part 2

Pastor Steve Terry continues this series with a message on the One True God from Deutronomy 6:4, Mark 1:9-13.  Pastor shares several foundational truths on the Trinity of God: distinct, unified, and interrelated.  Learn that belief determines behavior and it will change how we worship, pray, and live.  What does this mean for you?


The Surpassing Glory of Freedom

Welcome to Bedford First Assembly of God, this week Pastor Bill McKee illustrates Paul building a case for greater glory that rests in the spirit of freedom from II Corinthians 3:7-18.  Pastor expounds several points about walking by Faith and not by the human law.  Remember that the redeemed are glorious; illustrating Christ in me - giving us more real freedom.


Keep Calm & Turn to God

Pastor Steve Terry shares on David's song from Psalms 40:1-5 about the importance of getting God's help when in a situation.  Pastor highlights three characteristics about God you can turn to.  Where is your worship at?  Remember that fresh worship flows out of new mercies.


Songs of The Season - Part 1

Pastor Bill McKee examines Christmas songs starting with "O Come All Ye Faithful" hymn from Matthew 2:1-12.  See how God ordered the star to shine at the right moment for us to find Him.  Learn that God is calling us to worship Him - find you place!


Job 1

Pastor Bill McKee encourages us to live up to who God made each of us to be.  Pastor shares on these four characteristics out of Job's life (Job 1, 42): Perfection, Integrity, Worship, and Repentance.  As you push into your inheritance, expect great things from God in your life.



Pastor Bill McKee continues "Life Lessons from Mark" series with a message on Worship from Mark 14:1-11.  Pastor McKee shares these characteristics that worship requires: Recognition, Sacrifice, and Remembered.  Be encouraged to further your worship before the Lord.